What we do and why it matters

With more than 26 years of experience in the home and commercial lawn maintenance business, we know just what you need.

We’ve mastered the art of lawn care and landscaping services that makes our clients trust us and stay loyal to our services through the years. Even with one time landscaping works, we make sure to deliver it with utmost quality! We keep your lawn, plants, trees and surroundings clean, healthy, aesthetically beautiful with a fair pricing competitive in the current market.

Our History

Classic Cut Lawn Care Services’ roots began in February of 1996 by Brent Pacitti. He loved being outdoors and working with his hands. He’s always been inspired by the beauty of trees, plants and flowers and has loved the smell of nature. His passion created Classic Cut Landscaping. Together with one more person, he started the lawn care services in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Truly, lawn care and landscaping work can be a dirty and tedious job  but whenever Brent works and his clients are happy, it is a treasure worth more than the fee earned. He considered this one job when he built a water feature with landscape lighting for one of his long-time clients as the most memorable one. He had a lot of troubles and it really challenged him. But finishing it beautifully was all worth it! He then landed a larger client from that, a Homeowner’s Association. The company started to grow and there were more challenges he had to go through. Despite that, he’s always saying that the success of the company is achieved through “taking one step at a time”!

Twenty six years later, in year 2022, Classic Cut Lawn Care Services grew bigger and now has eight more employees working hand in hand with Brent and Skarley Guerrero, the new CEO. The team has been like a family as the other members were with the company for over 10 years already. As the years go by and technologies and services take a leap in advancement, Skarley also envisions the company to grow and join the revolution of lawn industry going electric. 

Classic Cut will be one with the lawn care companies to convert from gasoline to electric equipment and become an advocate of green and quiet lawn care service! “We are very attentive and supportive to our clients. We strive to understand their needs, support them in realizing their vision” - Skarley Guerrero.

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